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1. Treat others with the same respect you would like to be treated with. Be loving, compassionate, and friendly! Include all those around you, and avoid gossip.

2. Please be respectful of speakers and leaders. Listen with open ears and participate with a happy disposition. This includes any tasks or chores given by your leaders.

3. Practice Heavenly Father’s standards. Utilize the “For Strength of Youth” pamphlet. If you don’t have one, ask!

4. Camp is in a wilderness! There are many animals that live in and know the woods much better than you. Stay in our boundaries.

5. Leave your cell phones and worldly gadgets at home.

6. Be modest in your clothing choices. Shield your body from the elements, physically and spiritually. Shirts with sleeves, shorts to the knees, and no midriff baring swimsuits. If your body isn’t covered, we have plenty of old camp shirts to go around!

7. Keep a buddy with you wherever you go. A few buddies can be fun, too! Please avoid exploring solo.

8. We have a schedule to keep. Please help us by being on time and ready to have fun!

9. Take care of Heavenly Father’s beautiful earth by cleaning up after yourself and others. Please pick up all trash you come across and keep our planet happy!

10. Please be respectful of other campers’ belongings. Don’t “borrow” or take items that do not belong to you without the owner’s permission. Keep up with the items you brought or have been given.

11. Please no sharing of beds and be respectful of others space.