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 Volunteer Registration Form: All volunteers are required to bring a Volunteer Registration Form. If you are under 18, it needs to be signed by your parent/guardian. This needs to be done once per year. DOWNLOAD HERE
 Donation: Please consider bringing a jar of peanut butter, jelly or a box of cereal for our families.
 Certification of Hours: If you or your child requires verification of hours for school or work, let our Volunteer Team know before departing. We’ll sign off on your form or provide you one of our own at the end of your shift.


 Final Count: We know your numbers might fluctuate a little bit. If you go over 3 people or under 3 people from what we originally scheduled, contact us at 813-209-1045.
 Arrival: Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early – we try to start as promptly as possible.
 Group Timesheet: You’ll be asked to complete a separate timesheet for your entire organization. Please know the address of your organization.


 Arrival: Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early – we try to start as promptly as possible.
 Parking: You can park in the main lot, use street parking on Ross at 2002 N. FL Ave or the small gravel lot at 2001 N. FL Ave.
 Orientation: All volunteers will attend a brief Orientation before volunteering.
 Bring as little as possible with you and certainly nothing of value that could be lost or broken, e.g., leave your purses, bags, and coolers in your locked vehicle. There is no secure storage area for your belongings.
 Volunteers are prohibited from using electronics while volunteering. Cell phones should be kept on silent and only used to promote Metropolitan Ministries in social media, take pictures or calls if absolutely necessary.
 Bring your smile and remember to use it!


Metropolitan Ministries Service Guidelines: DOWNLOAD HERE